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WOLF Advanced Technology designs and manufactures ruggedized VPX, XMC, PMC and MXM/MXC boards for video capture, process, encode and display. WOLF solutions are designed to operate in harsh environments without sacrificing any of the processing power available from the latest generation NVIDIA, AMD and Xilinx high-speed GPUs, APUs and FPGAs.

WOLF products include low power, small form-factor solutions conforming to the embedded systems size, weight and power (SWaP) constraints required by aerospace and defense applications. WOLF products meet rugged, embedded quality standards such as MIL-STD-810, DO-168 and manufacturing standards such as IPC 6012 CLASS-3.


WOLF’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products are designed using a modular approach. This permits WOLF to react rapidly to customer requests for Modified COTS (MCOTS) products, tailored to specific requirements. Modifications can range from unique I/O combinations, to porting existing hardware, to standard or customer-defined form factors. MCOTS products can be cost-effective for as few as 10 units.

WOLF can also respond to requests for full custom designs, to meet a customer’s unique needs. All design inquiries are assessed and responded to with the delivery of a detailed functional specification within 3 business days. Full custom designs can be cost-effective for as few as 25 units.


All of WOLF’s boards are designed and tested to operate in harsh environmental conditions. To ensure the board will perform even in extreme conditions they are designed with components which are de-rated to exceed the minimum requirements. Each board is individually inspected to ensure that delivered boards meet or exceed IPC-A-610 Class III for High Reliability Electronic Products. Boards are tested to ensure they will operate within the specified extended temperature range.

WOLF’s rugged boards can be air cooled or conduction cooled. For air cooled boards specially designed cooling fins are used to ensure the board remains within the required operating temperature when the required system air flows is provided. Conduction cooled boards are intended to operate in environments where sufficient air flow is not available, where a conduction rail is available to carry heat away from attached components. Conduction cooled boards are enclosed in WOLF custom designed cases, which carry heat away from the board to the system’s conduction rail.

Conformal coating is also available for boards that could be exposed to damp or dirty conditions. The coating is designed to protect the board without retaining an excessive amount of heat.

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