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NextGen WOLF Products Powered by NVIDIA®

Seven New WOLF Products Powered by NVIDIA

WOLF is pleased to be conducting the NextGen WOLF Products Powered by NVIDIA® webinar to review 7 new SOSA™ aligned High Performance Embedded Compute (HPEC) and artificial intelligence (AI) processing solutions for the extreme edge.

These XMC and VPX products are built to improve the performance and reliability of synthetic vision, C4ISR, radar processing, autonomous operation, AI, and situational awareness applications.

It is important to note that every solution we present in this webinar is SOSA™ aligned.


The products to be reviewed in this webinar include:

  • VPX3U-A4500E-CX6-HPC (WOLF-144L)
  • VPX3U-A4500E-VO (WOLF-1448)
  • VPX6U-A4500E-DUAL-VO (WOLF-2448)
  • XMC-A2000E-VO (WOLF-3476)
  • XMC-A2000E-FGX-IO (WOLF-3470)


NextGen WOLF Products Powered by NVIDIA™
Dec 8, 2021, at 1:00 PM EST

Speaker: Greg Maynard, WOLF CTO

As Chief Technology Officer, Greg has deep knowledge of WOLF's unique technical capabilities and is the primary force behind the product vision and strategy.

In this webinar, Greg will walk through a number of next-generation SOSA™ aligned WOLF products powered by NVIDIA™.









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