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AMD Radeon™ E8860 Video Processing Unit, Includes 2 SDI Input / Output

Key Features

  • AMD Radeon™ E8860 28nm GPU
  • Up to two 3G-SDI inputs
  • Up to two 3G-SDI outputs
  • Additional available outputs
  • Dynamic power management (DPM) with real-time control from 15 to 50 Watts

WOLF has created a powerful Video Processing Unit (VPU) by designing a board with both WOLF’s Frame Grabber eXtreme (FGX) and an advanced AMD Radeon™ E8860 GPU. The FGX provides conversion of video data from one standard to another, providing a wide array of video input and output options for both cutting-edge digital I/O and legacy analog I/O. The FGX has direct memory access (DMA) to GPU memory for GPU processing and complex analysis. By including both the FGX and the GPU on one board WOLF has designed a powerful and flexible solution which avoids the SBC data rebroadcast traffic jams that commonly occur with a 2-board solution.

The XMC-E8860-SDI-2IO board takes advantage of the VPU to provide multiple simultaneous I/O, including two 3G-SDI inputs and two 3G-SDI outputs. The board also supports CVBS or STANAG inputs and can drive additional outputs, either DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, Single-Link DVI, CVBS or STANAG. Additionally, this board has a highly efficient operating power which is dynamically controllable from 15 to 50 Watts.

For additional options contact WOLF to discuss MCOTS and custom design services.

Additional Features

  • Additional outputs which can be DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, Single-Link DVI; Optional: CVBS or STANAG 3350
  • Advanced GPGPU capabilities for parallel processing:
    • 768 GFLOPs single-precision
    • OpenCL™ 1.2, DirectCompute 11.1
    • DirectX® 11.1, OpenGL 4.2
  • 2GB GDDR5 memory, 128-bit
  • 64 GB/s memory bandwidth
  • PCIe x8 Gen3
  • Long-life support


  • High levels of ruggedization:
    • MIL-STD-810, IPC 6012 Class-3
    • -40° to +85°C operating temperature
    • 40g, 11ms shock
    • 0.2g²/Hz at 5 - 2000Hz vibration
    • Rugged air-cooled or conduction-cooled
  • VITA 46.9 I/O compliant mapping for 3U and 6U VPX configurations
  • Front I/O and Rear I/O configurations
  • Windows and Linux drivers
  • VxWorks, Integrity, LynxOS, and other RTOS drivers are also available upon request

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