HD-SDI Input to Dedicated Hardware H.264 Encoding

  • Two HD-SDI (SMPTE 292M) inputs or one 3G-SDI (SMPTE 424M) input
  • H.264 (AVC) output via Ethernet 10/100/1000s
  • STANAG-4609 KLV Metadata Injection over Ethernet or RS-232
  • No operating system or software required
  • Low operating power (less than 10 Watts)



WOLF’s VNX-H264 is a video and audio capture and encode module for aerospace and defense.

Absolutely no software or operating system is required for the MXC-H.264 module to operate. WOLF will preconfigure the module to your desired settings and the module will transmit a compressed H.264 video stream using UDP over Ethernet.

The rugged VNX-H264 module uses the compact VITA 74 specification which defines an extremely small form factor. This form factor is roughly 50 percent of the weight and 30 percent of the volume compared to a typical 3U VPX.

VNX with H.264 video encoding


Under Consideration

This product is currently under consideration by the WOLF engineering team.
Contact WOLF to discuss the features and schedule if this product is of interest to you.



Additional Features

  • AVC/H.264 encoding, High Profile Level 5.1 
  • Wide range of bitrates: 1 Kbps to 50 Mbps
  • Support CBR, VBR, and capped VBR bitrates
  • Programmable GOP structure
  • Deinterlacing, Scaling, Noise Reduction
  • Adaptive edge enhancement
  • Adaptive contrast enhancement
  • Color management
  • Scene change detection
  • Fade detection
  • MPEG2 encode up to HD (MP@HL)
  • Audio codecs: AAC-LC, MP2


  • Dimensions: 75mm x 89mm x 19.5mm
  • High level of ruggedization:
    • Rugged conduction-cooled
    • Operating temperature: -40° to +85°C
    • Vibration (sine wave): 10G peak, 5 - 2000Hz
    • Shock: 40G peak for conduction-cooled
  • High-speed 400-pin connector derived from VITA 57 FMC spec
  • Uses VPX signal mapping and bus structure



Open the VNX-H264 product datasheet - includes block diagram, order codes, etc.



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