Other SFF Products

WOLF’s expertise in small form factor (SFF) video graphics cards allows the engineering design team to offer products using a wide variety of architectures. WOLF products and product designs include PMC modules, COM Express modules, VNX modules, and custom form factors. Whether you have a requirement for a standard architecture or an architecture that meets your exact specifications contact WOLF to discuss your needs.


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Standard architectures supported by WOLF:

PMC Products

PMC is a mezzanine standard operating on a PCI bus. WOLF is able to provide access to newer GPUs on PMC modules by utilizing a PCIe-to-PCI bridge and maxing out the PCI bus with PCIe x1 equivalent speeds.

The PMC standard is known as the IEEE P1386.1.

COM Express Products

COM Express is a standard of multiple standards. Each COM Express Module COM integrates core CPU and memory functionality, the common I/O of a PC/AT, USB, audio, graphics, and Ethernet. All I/O signals are mapped to two high density, low profile connectors on the bottom side of the module. The COM modules plug into a baseboard that is typically customized to the application. 

The COM Express specification is hosted by PICMG.

VNX Products

VNX modules use the compact VITA 74 specification which defines an extremely small form factor. This form factor is roughly 50 percent of the weight and 30 percent of the volume compared to a typical 3U VPX. The VNX specification defines the physical size of the two standard size modules, the module connectors, and the pin assignments of the signals on the module connector.

VNX signal mapping and bus structure was derived from VPX, specifically VITA 46, providing inter-module connectivity.

Custom Products

WOLF can also respond to requests for full custom designs, to meet a customer’s unique needs. All design inquiries are assessed and responded to with the delivery of a detailed functional specification within 3 business days. Full custom designs can be cost-effective for as few as 25 units.



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