MXC2-FGX (WOLF-7080)

Ultra Low-Latency Video Input/Output, Includes 3G/HD-SDI, Analog

  • WOLF Frame Grabber eXtreme (FGX) capture and process engine
  • Digital Inputs: up to 4x SDI, 3 DP
  • Digital Outputs: up to 4x SDI
  • Analog: up to 3x CVBS inputs, 3x RGB outputs
  • Low operating power, under 9.5W



This versatile MXC capture, process and display module includes WOLF’s Frame Grabber eXtreme (FGX), built on Xilinx FPGA hardware. This board accepts multiple simultaneous HD-SDI, 3G-SDI, DP and analog inputs and can convert the video and output multiple HD-SDI, 3G-SDI and analog outputs. The module can also accept video sources from a PCIe DMA stream for real-time conversion to SDI or analog outputs.

The raw data from each channel can be streamed with sub-frame latency to the host system or to a GPU for storage, analysis, enhancement, encode or display.

The WOLF FGX high-performance engine also provides the flexibility required for fast, cost-effective MCOTS customization, allowing the module to be modified to interface with many video standards or system hosts.

WOLF-7080 MXC Module

In Production

This product is currently in production as a COTS product with configurable options.
Contact WOLF to discuss your customization or MCOTS requirements.


Additional Features

  • Modifiable for alternate video formats (e.g., STANAG 3350)
  • PCIe x4 Gen2 with up to 2.0 GB/s
  • Extended product lifespan
  • Windows (64-bit) and Linux drivers
  • Optional: VxWorks 7 RTOS drivers


  • 80x68mm mezzanine module, 400-pin connector
  • Manufactured in North America with full component traceability
  • Component derating meets or exceeds NASA and Rome Labs specifications for reliability
  • ENIG PCB surface plating
  • Conformal coating options available (e.g., Parylene, Humiseal, others on request)
  • High level of ruggedization:
    • Operating temperature: -40° to +85°C
    • Vibration (sine wave): 10G peak, 5 - 2000Hz
    • Shock: 30G peak for air-cooled, 40G peak
      for conduction-cooled



Open the MXC2-FGX product datasheet - includes block diagram, order codes, etc.




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