MXC Products

WOLF’s Modular Expansion Cards (MXC) are small form factor ancillary processor modules, for integration onto VPX carriers, COM Express baseboards, or operating as a stand-alone board. An MXC module is similar to an MXM module, but designed with a higher level of ruggedization and reliability, suitable for Aerospace and Defense applications. MXC video graphics boards are available for video capture, process, encode and display.

An MXC module has a smaller footprint compared to an MXM module. The MXC’s unique size and connector arrangement allows two MXC modules to fit on a 3U VPX or four on a 6U VPX.


WOLF MXC Products Table

Product Name WOLF Number GPU/Processor CUDA Cores Memory (GB) Outputs - DisplayPort/HDMI/DVI Outputs - SDI/Digital, Analog, Other Inputs
MXC2-FGX 7080 WOLF FGX n/a 4 SDI, 3 Analog 4 SDI, 3 DP, 3 Analog
MXC-FGX-2SDI-2CVBS 0308 WOLF FGX  n/a 4 SDI 2 SDI, 2 Analog
MXC-FGX-TK1 0325 NVIDIA Tegra K1 192 4   1 SDI, 1 HDMI 2 SDI
MXC-H.264 0224 FPGA   n/a   H.264 2 SDI
MXC-E8860-MVHD 0261 AMD E8860   n/a 2 6 1 SVGA 2 SDI, 2 Analog
MXC-E8860-VO 0273 AMD E8860   n/a 2 6 1 SVGA

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