XMC-DEV-VO (WOLF-027899)

XMC Dev Board With Multiple Output Connectors

  • Fully compatible with WOLF’s XMC E9171 and E8860 modules
  • DisplayPort++ outputs, DVI-I output
  • SVGA output
  • LVDS output
  • SDI outputs
  • Supplementary power (12V)



This XMC development board is compatible with WOLF’s XMC E9171 and E8860 video output modules. The carrier board provides multiple video output connectors as well as configuration jumpers/switches and test connectors.

This development board allows the mounted XMC board to be accessed via PCIe using 8 lanes on a 16 lane PCIe edge connector.

XMC carrier board for development

WOLF-027899 Development Carrier Board

In Production

This product is currently in production as a COTS product with configurable options.
Contact WOLF to discuss your customization or MCOTS requirements.




Open the XMC-DEV-AMD-VO datasheet - includes block diagram, order codes, etc.




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