MXC Carrier Board for MXC-FGX and MXC-E8860-MVHD

  • Fully compatible with MXC-FGX and MXC-E8860-MVHD
  • 500-pin connector for the MXC module
  • Power connector on the carrier board
  • Video input and output connectors
  • Standard PCIe x16 interface



WOLF makes a PCIe MXC-FGX carrier board for use as a development tool. The MXC module is seated on the carrier board. The carrier board provides connectors for SDI inputs and outputs, as well as other video formats.

MXC carrier board for development

WOLF-0314 Development Board

In Production

This product is currently in production as a COTS product with configurable options.
Contact WOLF to discuss your customization or MCOTS requirements.



Open the MXC-FGX-CARRIER datasheet - includes block diagram, order codes, etc.



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