VPX3U-E8860-VO (WOLF-0197)

AMD Radeon E8860 Module with 6 Digital, 1 Analog Output

  • AMD Radeon™ E8860 28nm GPU
  • Up to 6 DisplayPort outputs
  • Up to two HDMI or DVI outputs
  • Up to 1 analog output
  • Configurable power from 15 to 40 Watts



The VPX3U-E8860-VO is capable of driving up to six displays, comprised of combinations of up to six DisplayPort 1.2 digital displays, up to two HDMI or Dual-Link DVI, or one VGA. This module also has GPGPU capabilities with 768 GFLOPS of single-precision parallel processing capability.

This module has a highly efficient operating power which is configurable from 15 to 40 Watts.

Unlocking the best performance requires the best cooling capability. WOLF’s advanced cooling technology is designed to move heat using a low weight, high efficiency pipeline from the GPU die to the wedgelocks.

WOLF-1016 3U VPX Module

Additional Features

  • 2GB GDDR5 memory, 128-bits
  • Advanced GPGPU capabilities for parallel processing:
    • 768 GFLOPs single-precision
    • OpenCL™ 1.2, DirectCompute 11.1
    • DirectX® 11.1, OpenGL 4.2
  • PCIe x8 Gen3
  • H.264 hardware accelerated encoding (VCE) and decoding (UVD)
  • Windows and Linux drivers
  • RTOS drivers optional


  • High level of ruggedization:
    • Rugged Conduction-cooled or Air-cooled
    • Operating temperature: -40° to +85°C
    • Vibration (sine wave): 10G peak, 5 - 2000Hz
    • Shock: 30G peak for air-cooled, 40G peak for conduction-cooled
  • Dimensions: 160mm x 100mm x 25.4mm
  • Weight: with default conduction-cooled plates: approx. 728g; with default air-cooled plates: approx. 936g
  • +12V or +5V power source options
  • ANSI/VITA 48, 65 (VPX REDI, OpenVPX)



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