Dual or Single AMD Radeon E8860, up to 6 Video Outputs per GPU

  • Dual or Single AMD Radeon™ E8860 GPU
  • 768 GFLOPs SP peak (per GPU)
  • Up to 6 Digital Outputs (per GPU)
  • Dynamic power management (DPM) with real-time control from 10 - 40 W (per GPU)



The VPX3U-E8860-VO and VPX3U-E8860-DUAL-VO are 3U VPX carrier cards integrating high-performance WOLF modules powered by AMD Radeon E8860 GPUs. The VPX3U-E8860-VO uses one E8860 graphics module while the VPX3U-E8860-DUAL-VO uses two E8860 graphics modules.

The MXC-E8860-VO modules integrated into the VPX3U-E8860-DUAL-VO units are members of WOLF’s family of MXC Video Graphic Modules. These MXC modules are small enough to allow two modules to fit on a single 3U VPX.

Suited for GPGPU parallel-processing applications, the VPX3U-E8860-DUAL-VO has a high general-purpose GPU processing capacity, in a 3U form-factor, with a theoretical peak performance of over 1.5 TFLOPs.

With one module integrated, the VPX3U-E8860-VO supports up 6 independent digital outputs. With two modules integrated, the VPX3U-E8860-DUAL-VO supports up 12 independent digital outputs.

Designed for a conduction-cooled or air-cooled VPX system, and supporting an extended operating temperature range between -40°C and +85°C, the VPX3U-E8860-DUAL-VO is built to exceed IPC-610 Class 3, MIL-217, and MIL-810 military certifications. The VPX3U-E8860-DUAL-VO is ideal for any application that requires military-grade reliability with high-performance GPGPU processing power.

3U VPX with AMD Radeon E8860

WOLF 3U VPX Module

In Production

This product is currently in production as a COTS product with configurable options.
Contact WOLF to discuss your customization or MCOTS requirements.


Additional Features

  • Per E8860 GPU:
    • Up to 6 independent displays:
    • DisplayPort 1.2, HDMI 1.4, Single or Dual-Link DVI, SVGA
    • 2GB GDDR5 memory, 128-bit interface width
    • Max memory bandwidth: 64 GB/s
  • DirectX® 11; OpenGL® 4.2
  • OpenCL™ 1.2, DirectCompute 11
  • Motion Video Decode:
    UVD4 for H.264, VC-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4 part 2 decoding
  • PCIe x8 Gen 3 from each GPU module (effective x16)
  • Dynamic power management (DPM) with real-time control
  • Windows and Linux drivers
  • RTOS drivers: VxWorks, Integrity, LynxOS, and others are available upon request


  • Conduction-cooled or Rugged air-cooled
  • High level of ruggedization:
    • MIL-STD-810, IPC 6012 Class-3
    • -40° to +85°C operating temperature
    • 40g, 11ms shock
    • 0.2g²/Hz@ 5 - 2000Hz vibration
  • VPX 3U form factor: 160×100 mm
  • Supported VPX configurations:
    • VPX-REDI (ANSI/VITA 48.x)
    • OpenVPX (ANSI/VITA 65)



Open the VPX3U-E8860-DUAL-VO datasheet - includes block diagram, order codes, etc.



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