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ITAR Compliance

ITAR: International Traffic in Arms Regulations Compliant, CGP: Registered with Canada’s Controlled Goods Program

WOLF Advanced Technology is fully compliant with ITAR export regulations, by means of its CGP registration. WOLF fully complies with the requirements of ITAR as set forth in the ITAR requirements/guidelines (including §124.1 pertaining to TAAs (Technical Assistance Agreements), and §126.18 pertaining to the dual national rule). If you have any questions about ITAR or CGP compliance, please contact us at

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of United States government regulations that control the export and import of defense-related materials.
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The Controlled Goods Program (CGP) (also known as the Controlled Goods Registration Program, or CGRP) was created in 2001 to strengthen the Canada/U.S. agreement on defense trade controls and is essential to maintaining the unique Canadian exemption with respect to ITAR. Further, CGP is officially recognized by the United States government as a Canadian equivalency program to ITAR.
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The U.S./Canada Joint Certification Program (JCP) helps to protect controlled unclassified Military Critical Technical Data (MCTD) and technology from common adversaries, but allows it to flow to certified Canadian and U.S. companies that have a legitimate need-to-know for business purposes.
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