WOLF Engineering

Philosophy & Core Values

Engineering at WOLF is about more than bringing to market innovative embedded video technologies – it is also about partnering with our customers to design and build solutions that solve their most demanding video technology problems.

World class innovation requires world class talent which is why at WOLF we have built a team of top talent professionals in the disciplines of mechanical, electrical, printed circuit board, FPGA and software engineering.



Comprehensive Engineering Services

WOLF specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of technology-leading graphics & video solutions. Advanced digital and mixed signal design of high speed, simultaneous multi-channel video capture and image processing are realized through best-in-class services in hardware schematic design, image manipulation in FPGA firmware and custom software. WOLF also specializes in high density, ultra small form factor PCB design services for rugged embedded designs.

All design inquiries are assessed and responded to with the delivery of a detailed Functional Specification within 3 business days.



Modules to Systems

Central to WOLF’s business and engineering philosophy are the increasingly important metrics of versatility and modularity. Whether the solution is a rapid replacement plug-in module or complete self-contained system – WOLF ensures that all designs maximize the reuse of proven WOLF IP while adapting to meet our customer’s engineering requirements.

Throughout a variety of architectures including XMC, MXC, VPX, COMExpress, PMC, VME or VITA75; WOLF brings innovative engineering talent to the design and manufacturing of mission-critical systems requiring high definition video CAPTURE, PROCESS, ENCODE and DISPLAY for the harshest embedded environments.



Focus on Customer & Quality

All WOLF designs must meet or exceed stringent environmental reliability requirements and as such are designed from early concept to facilitate quality and performance assurance testing at all stages of product development including design simulation, lab testing and customer real-world application environments.

WOLF products are designed and tested to meet rugged, embedded quality standards such as MIL-STD-810, RTCA DO-160 and manufacturing standards such as IPC 6012 CLASS-3. WOLF products are also designed to meet advanced MTBF requirements and operate flawlessly in extended temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C.



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