WOLF VNX VITA 74 Modules

The VNX VITA 74 specification, ratified on December 13, 2017, is a response to an industry demand for a smaller form factor module that maintains many of the advantages of VPX. The VNX specification defines the:

  • physical size of 2 standard VNX modules: 75mm x 89mm x 19.5mm and 75mm x 89mm x 12mm
  • module connectors derived from the VITA 57 FMC spec: a 400-pin connector for the 19mm module and a 160-pin connector for the 12mm module
  • pin assignments of the signals on the module connector derived from VITA 46 VPX, providing inter-module connectivity


Figure 1: VNX 12mm and 19.5mm enclosures

The base VITA 74 specification does not define the enclosure or the how the modules are to be packaged into a system, leaving that to the system designer. Modules are typically conduction cooled and do not include wedgelocks on the VNX enclosure. For higher power, higher performance applications VITA 74.7 defines a chassis that includes wedgelocks mounted in the chassis.

Designing and manufacturing these small form factor VNX modules is a natural extension of WOLF’s current product offerings. WOLF currently manufactures MXC modules which are an extremely compact 70mm x 85mm. Drawing on the WOLF engineering team’s small form factor expertise allows WOLF to quickly respond to VNX customer requirements.

Customers who are interested in video graphics VNX solutions are invited to contact WOLF to discuss their requirements.



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