WOLF Selects TE Connectivity MULTIGIG RT 3 Rugged Connectors

Stouffville, ON, January 21, 2019 -- WOLF Advanced Technology (WOLF) is pleased to announce it has selected TE Connectivity's MULTIGIG RT 3 Rugged and RT 2-S Rugged connectors for its VPX 3U and VPX 6U products.

"We've worked with TE Connectivity's products for well over a decade and they've always proven to be exceedingly reliable for our military and aerospace applications", said Greg Maynard, Chief Technology Officer for WOLF.

"What's so great about these connectors is that we can push ahead to PCI Express Gen 4 connectivity with the RT 3 Rugged in new designs coming from WOLF in 2019, and we will use the RT 2-S in existing module configurations to provide even greater signal integrity head-room," Maynard added.


TE Connectivity's MULTIGIG RT 3 Connectors
TE Connectivity's MULTIGIG RT 3 Connectors


TE Connectivity's MULTIGIG products support the upcoming VITA 46.30 standard, which defines a higher data rate capable connector for VPX, and it is backwards compatible with existing VITA 46 backplanes. The increased bandwidth afforded by the TE Connectivity MULTIGIG RT 3 Rugged will enable higher bandwidth technologies to support Gen 5 VPX, PCIe Gen 4, Infiniband EDR, and Ethernet 100GBase-KR4.

About WOLF

WOLF Advanced Technology designs, develops and manufactures military grade rugged modules for video capture, process, encode and display. WOLF solutions are designed to operate in harsh aerospace and defense environments without sacrificing any of the processing power available from the latest generation NVIDIA, AMD and Xilinx high-speed GPUs, APUs and FPGAs. WOLF’s products include rapidly available COTS solutions, feature-tailored MCOTS solutions, and full custom designs. WOLF supports a variety of board configurations, including 3U and 6U VPX, XMC and MXC/MXM.



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