WOLF FIT Provides Analog I/O to VPX Modules

The latest generation of NVIDIA® PascalTM and AMD Polaris GPUs are providing enormous increases in processing speed. However, these new GPUs have dropped native support for legacy analog formats. While this may be an obvious move for a GPU chip designer, whose primary market no longer requires analog support, it does present a challenge to customers who do still require legacy analog support. WOLF’s solution is a new FIT module, a Flexible Interface Technology module, which can be used to provide analog format support to new VPX products.

Figure 1: FIT Module top view

The FIT module is designed to provide up to 4 inputs and/or outputs. There are modules which provide different options: 2x RGB in and 2x out, 4xRGB in, 4x RGB out, 4x CVBS in and 4x CVBS out. Other options can also be provided as needed.

Figure 2: FIT Module 035202-02 Block Diagram

The module connects to the VPX carrier via a 200 pin high density, high speed connector.

Figure 3: The FIT module connects to the VPX carrier board

The FIT module design is in keeping with WOLF’s modular design philosophy, providing a flexible way to support a variety of optional input and output formats. The FIT module is currently available for the WOLF-1110 and the WOLF-1010 3U VPX modules.

Table 1: WOLF FIT Modules

 Part Number  Inputs Outputs 
 WOLF-035202-00  2x RGB  2x RGB
 WOLF-035202-01  4x RGB  
 WOLF-035202-02    4x RGB
 WOLF-035202-03  4x CVBS  
 WOLF-035202-04    4x CVBS
 WOLF-035202-05  2x DisplayPort  2x CVBS



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