WOLF COVID-19 Status

Stouffville, ON -- March 18, 2020 (updated July 2, 2020) -- At Wolf Advanced Technology (WOLF) we are adapting and evolving our emergency management procedures to respond to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak to ensure the safety of our customers, employees, and their families, as well as any visitors to our office.

At this time WOLF is operating at full capacity and all sales and service employees are available through communication via phone and/or virtual meeting software.


To effectively combat this outbreak our most recent changes in policy and procedures include:

  • Implementing a work from home directive, where possible.
  • Installing signage reminding every employee of the importance of handwashing along with increasing the availability of hand sanitizers in common areas.
  • Increasing and enhancing cleaning of high-touch common areas such as the lunchroom, restrooms, light switches, door handles, railings and elevators.
  • Minimizing the number and frequency of face-to-face meetings.
  • Encouraging virtual meetings whenever possible, including candidate interviews.
  • Eliminating international business travel.
  • Insisting employees self-quarantine if they are experiencing any signs of sickness.
  • Sanitizing WOLF products before they are shipped.

At this time no employees have tested positive for coronavirus.


Visitors to WOLF

WOLF is encouraging virtual meetings wherever possible. Any visitors to WOLF will be asked to answer a questionnaire regarding overall health and travel in the past thirty days and could be denied entry based on their answers.


Supply Chain

WOLF is encouraged that all countries are continuing commercial international shipping and that there has been little delay, to date, in the securing of parts and components required to maintain production. In addition, our purchasing department is in regular communication with all of our suppliers and there have been minimal delays reported. Customers are asked to contact WOLF for the status of any particular order.


WOLF is an Essential Business

Following the guidelines released by the Ontario government on March 23, 2020, and further updated on April 3, 2020, WOLF is classified as an essential business and will remain open.


This post was last updated: June 1, 2020



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