NVIDIA Quadro Pascal 3U VPX Video Boards from WOLF

WOLF Advanced Technology announces two new 3U VPX models which combine NVIDIA Pascal P5000, 6.2 TFLOP GPUs with high-density features, ruggedized for harsh aerospace and defense environments. These new modules meet MIL-STD-810 and MIL-HDBK-217 and are manufactured to IPC A 610 and IPC 6012 Class 3. The processing performance provided by these modules is the highest currently available to aerospace and defense, with an unprecedented 62 GFLOPS/Watt.

Two models are available: WOLF-1110, a full video processing unit (VPU) which supports both input and output (VIO) and WOLF-1116, a video output / high performance compute model (VO). All models have air cooled and conduction cooled configurations, with additional cooling or packaging options available with WOLF MCOTS and custom design services.

WOLF 3U VPX with P5000

Figure 1: WOLF-1110 with top heat plate removed

The highly efficient NVIDIA Pascal architecture improves on the previous generation of GPUs with double the processing speed at the same power envelope (6.2 TFLOPS at 100W), support for double the memory (16GB of GDDR5), and higher performance H.264/H.265 encode and decode. The increased processing power and memory gives a tremendous boost to GPGPU computations, deep learning inference applications, and video processing. Advanced Quadro tools such as NVIDIA GPUDirect™ and advanced power management tools further enhance the efficiency and flexibility of this module.

The VPX3U-P5000-VO (WOLF-1116) module is WOLF’s high-speed, best performance per watt, Pascal based graphics and compute 3U VPX board. This module includes four independent DisplayPort 1.4 output pipes with support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) video. With a maximum display resolution of four 4K 4096x2160 @120Hz displays or four 5K 5120x2880 @ 60Hz displays with 10-bit color depth these boards can meet demanding multi-display requirements. The P5000 is VR Ready, able to handle the most demanding VR creation and consumption applications. Compute and deep learning inference applications can benefit from CUDA Toolkit 8 and CUDA Compute 6.1 support.

The VPX3U-P5000-SDI-8IO (WOLF-1110) module is a full video processing unit (VPU) which provides an enormous amount of functionality on a single 3U VPX module by integrating both the powerful P5000 Pascal GPU and WOLF’s Frame Grabber eXtreme (FGX) capture engine. The board supports video format conversion, including 3G-SDI and CVBS/STANAG 3350 analog, as well as providing a flexible platform for MCOTS requirements that include alternate video output formats. It’s worth noting that with the release of the Pascal GPU architecture NVIDIA GPUs no longer include native support for analog output. This board provides continued support for legacy analog outputs as well as support for cutting edge digital formats.

Combining GPU and WOLF FGX technologies on a WOLF VPX VPU module provides capture, process, encode and display functionality on a single board, which eliminates the SBC data rebroadcast traffic jams that can occur with a 2-board solution. By using a single full-featured board aerospace and defense companies can significantly reduce overall system costs while meeting their SWAP targets.

WOLF rear transmission modules are also available which are compatible with the new VO and VPU boards. These RTM modules include multiple SDI, analog and DisplayPort++ inputs and outputs.

Greg Maynard, WOLF’s CTO, says "As the technology has evolved WOLF has provided the right balance of capability and reliability while staying true to our philosophy of simplifying the solution. OEMs in particular have more system level options: types of data in/out of the system, PCI Express fabric, and performance/power trade-offs. Through our collaboration with NVIDIA we are able to design modules with more raw computational capability than has been possible until now and we look forward to solving the industry’s most demanding processing challenges.”



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