XMC: Wolf offers three new legacy XMC video graphic cards

Wolf offers three new legacy XMC video graphic cards

Wolf Military and Aerospace now offers Avionic, Military, Industrial, and Medical OEM designers three new, legacy XMC bus, video graphics daughter cards. The 2D and 3D rendering speed of these cards exceeds that of previous generation ATI Radeon units by more than 10 times.


Wolf’s XMC-E4690 high performance graphics cards offer 28 standard combinations of dual independent display outputs: DVI; DP; HDMI, single and dual links; LVDS; TMDS; VGA; SCART; STANAG 3350-A, B, or C; NTSC; RS170; RS343A; PAL; and SECAM.

In addition, Wolf offers a frame grabber, XMC-E4690-XTCC-FG, and a multiple video input/output graphic board, XMC-E4690-XTCC-MV with 28 combinations of dual channel video output, and dual independent video channel inputs using: TMDS; LVDS; DVI; VGA; NTSC; PAL; RS170; RS343A; and all STANAG 3350 A, B, C video formats.

Wolf video graphic boards are certified for extended temperature -40 to +85°C operating environments, IPC class III manufacture, Mil-810 helicopter and fighter shock and vibration compliance in excess of 40G, ISO-9001 designed and manufactured, and comes with an extended life cycle long-term product availability.

DO-178B certifiable display drivers and certification kits for safety-critical environments are available exclusively through ALT Software. ALT’s customizable drivers support the OpenGL ES and OpenGL SC graphics API and the majority of real-time operating systems used in aerospace and defense systems. System integration and application optimization services are also available through ALT Software.

At the core of Wolf’s video graphic solutions is the embedded memory version of the AMD E4690 graphics chip. Initial benchmarking tests of this processor demonstrated performance results over triple the 3D graphics performance of previously available solutions, with low CPU utilization and brilliant picture quality.

All of Wolf’s XMC-E4690 graphics cards are designed with reduced power modes and improved conductive cooling which enables aerospace, defense, avionics, medical, and industrial designers to create smaller, more efficient, rugged systems, while accelerating the time to market.

This announcement of Wolf’s XMC-E4690 graphics cards is an example of the on-going, state-of-the-art product development by the innovative engineering team at Wolf Military and Aerospace.

The release of Wolf’s XMC-E4690 graphics cards offers mil-aero manufacturers high-performance graphics solutions specifically designed for harsh environments,” said Darryl Parisien, President of ALT Software. “Wolf’s choice of the cutting edge AMD ATI E4690 GPU also ensures that these graphics cards will meet the needs of the most demanding aerospace and defense applications for a very long time.

WOLF Advanced Technology designs, develops and manufactures ruggedized boards for video capture, process, encode and display. All WOLF solutions are designed to operate flawlessly in even the harshest aerospace and defense environments without sacrificing any of the processing power available from the latest generation high-speed NVIDIA, AMD and Xilinx GPUs, APUs and FPGAs. WOLF’s designs include rapidly available COTS solutions, feature-tailored MCOTS solutions, and full custom designs. WOLF supports a variety of board architectures, including 3U and 6U VPX, XMC, PMC and MXC/MXM.