XMC-TK1-FGX: 3G-SDI Frame Grabber with 325 GFLOPs CUDA Engine

WOLF’s frame grabber utilizes NVIDIA's Tegra-K1 for complex pre-processing or data analysis

NORTH AMERICA – WOLF Advanced Technology announces a revolution in military and aerospace image capture and pre-processing. Leveraging NVIDIA’s latest technology 28nm Tegra-K1 APU packed with five ARM cores, 6GB Low-Power LPDDR3 memory, 325 GFLOPs CUDA processing and less than 20 Watt power usage, WOLF’s 3G-SDI FGX/Tegra-K1 frame grabber allows complete control of captured frame grabber data for analysis or complex pre-processing without disrupting the host Intel or PowerPC SBC.

“The extremely low power and inherent user programmable features of a five-core CUDA ARM with 325 GigaFLOPs performance introduces a paradigm shift for rugged military and aerospace customers, enabling the ability to pre-process two simultaneous 3G-SDI video inputs,” says WOLF CEO Craig McLaren.

This board is designed as a PrXMC peripheral processor board compatible with all XMC 46.9 connector sites. The XMC-TK1-FGX has dual 3G-SDI frame grabbers – SMPTE292M or SMPTE-424M – streamed over PCIe, encoding as an h.264 transport stream or GPU processing and displaying on up to two output displays: 3G-SDI, DisplayPort, LVDS, HDMI or DVI.

This XMC board incorporates an NVIDIA Tegra-K1 ARM processor connected directly to WOLF’s embedded FGX frame grabber technology over the Tegra-K1’s native PCI Express x4 lanes. A separate PCIe bridge connects the Tegra-K1 to an Intel or PowerPC host SBC, under the control of a single host driver for Windows, Linux or RTOS – VxWorks, Integrity or LynxOS. This allows for multiple low-latency, high-speed 3G or HD-SDI inputs directly to the mobile processing platform.

The XMC-TK1-FGX thrives in rugged environments performing precision intensive operations, such as image processing, video stabilization, filtering, terrain analytics, 3D visualization of geospatial data, object recognition and tracking. This board is designed and manufactured for military and aerospace requirements, including 40G shock & vibration, and 40 to +85°C conduction or air-cooled.

“WOLF provides multi-channel frame grabber solutions enabling precise real-time image processing for land, sea and air environments, implemented using NVIDIA’s latest Tegra-K1 APU technology.” Says McLaren.

FOR MORE INFO: http://wolf.ca/products/xmc-tk1-fgx/

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