New 3U VPX H.264 Encoder Board

Dual 3G-SDI or Quad HD-SDI Rugged H.264 Compression

NORTH AMERICA – WOLF Advanced Technology announces a revolution in rugged hardware h.264 video compression. Capable of compressing two simultaneous 3G-SDI SMPTE-424M or four simultaneous HD-SDI SMPTE-292M raw streams, the ultra-low power VPX3U-H264-DUAL outperforms the competition in rugged 3U VPX systems.

“The extremely low power and robust high-definition 3G or HD-SDI capabilities of this 3U VPX encoder board make it an incredibly powerful solution for any defense or aerospace application with SWaP constraints,” says WOLF CEO Craig McLaren.

This board is designed as a 3U VPX board compatible with all VPX-REDI VITA 46.0 enclosures, and is available with 0.8”, 0.85” or 1.0” pitch. The VPX3U-H264-DUAL supports up to four simultaneous HD-SDI SMPTE-292M raw input streams – at resolutions up to 1080p30 – or up to two simultaneous 3G-SDI SMPTE-424M 1080p60 raw video streams. Input streams are compressed as AVC h.264 video and output as MPEG Transport Streams encapsulated in UDP packets over Gigabit Ethernet.

Operating independently from the host SBC, this VPX peripheral board bypasses the PCI Express bus and functions smoothly on any Operating System without the need for software or system drivers. All compression settings, including frame rate, GOP structure, output resolution and image enhancements are configurable through an API Ethernet socket interface. This not only provides reduced latency but also provides a greater ease of use and a simpler integration into your overall system design.

The VPX3U-H264-DUAL is engineered for rugged 40G high shock and vibration environments, and is qualified for -40° to +85°C operation in a conduction or air-cooled 3U VPX enclosure. The multiple high definition video streams, compact small form factor 3U size, and low-power usage allows you to make the most of limited storage or transmission bandwidths of SWaP applications or when transmitting video from defense drones and surveillance from land, air or sea vehicles.

“WOLF provides multi-channel low-bandwidth high-definition video streams allowing precise real-time image encoding for defense and aerospace applications,” says McLaren.


WOLF Advanced Technology designs, develops and manufactures ruggedized boards for video capture, process, encode and display. All WOLF solutions are designed to operate flawlessly in even the harshest aerospace and defense environments without sacrificing any of the processing power available from the latest generation high-speed NVIDIA, AMD and Xilinx GPUs, APUs and FPGAs. WOLF’s designs include rapidly available COTS solutions, feature-tailored MCOTS solutions, and full custom designs. WOLF supports a variety of board architectures, including 3U and 6U VPX, XMC, PMC and MXC/MXM.