VPX3U-GM107-VO: WOLF Product Reminder

Rugged 3U VPX Graphics Board with NVIDIA Maxwell GPU

NORTH AMERICA – WOLF Advanced Technology announces a quantum jump forward in video graphic and parallel processing performance. Built on NVIDIA’s 28nm Maxwell technology, WOLF’s VPX3U-GM107-VO board processes CUDA at 1,155 Gigaflops per second, using 45 Watts – the highest performance per watt, in today’s aerospace and defense markets.

“The low power consumption enables WOLF’s Maxwell-based VPX3U-GM107-VO board to operate at full speed—nearly 1.2 Teraflops/sec—unlike previous generation Kepler boards that had to be down-clocked to meet necessary VPX thermal maximums,” says WOLF CEO Craig McLaren.

Utilizing the world’s most advanced GPU architecture, this Maxwell-powered rugged video graphics VPX board delivers an incredible power efficiency of 25.7 GFLOPs/Watt and up to twice the performance of previous-generation video graphics boards.

Previous-generation bandwidth bottlenecks are also no longer an issue, due to the Maxwell’s PCIe Gen3 x16 bus capable of pushing data at speeds up to 80.0 GB/s. Further, using the VPX3U-GM107-VO in conjunction with any of WOLF’s Frame Grabber eXtreme (FGX) products unlocks the ability to bypass all SBC data rebroadcast traffic jams with direct memory access (DMA) to GPU memory.

Built to MIL-STD-810 requirements of 40G shock, 0.2g²/Hz @ 5 - 2000Hz vibration, -40 to +85°C conductive or air-cooled operation, this board is ideally suited for graphics and precision intensive applications such as video stabilization, filtering, 3D terrain analytics and object recognition and tracking.

“Our new Maxwell VPX board allows a land, sea or air vehicle to process precise images in real time, without the need for elaborate cooling solutions—and all in a standard conductive or air-cooled 3U VPX form factor,” says McLaren.

WOLF offers two standard display output configurations: Two DisplayPort and one VGA; One DisplayPort, one HDMI and one VGA; or optional custom configurations using standard NVIDIA Windows and Linux drivers.

FOR MORE INFO: http://wolfadvancedtechnology.com/products/vpx3u-GM107-VO/

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